Spring Trust & Securities Ltd is a member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange. It was incorporated on 3rd August, 2000 to among others engage in stockbroking business. Our company is presently capitalized to the tune of N805,519,789.00 (Eight hundred and five million five hundred and nineteen thousand seven hundred and eighty nine naira). It has maintained a steady growth since it commenced business in the capital market, both in terms of its capital/assets and level of activity. The company is situated on the 12th floor of the New African House located at 31 Marina, Lagos.

Our Vision

To be among the major stockbroking firms operating in the Nigerian Capital Market with a global outreach and participation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a formidable investment base that will ensure optimal yield for our clients and shareholders. To actualize this, we lay a great emphasis on programs that support creation of awareness of benefits of capital Market investment. Spring Trust & Securities Ltd work towards the creation of sustainable financial structure for future comfort of people their less active lifetimes.

during Our company's primary clients are high networth individuals and institutional investors. Our clientele base is a mixture of local and foreign investors. On the international business circle, we are desirous to establish a relationship and/or a partnership with foreign investment managers for cross border investment of clients of both parties. At the same time, we prospect for opportunities to strengthen the number of our existing foreign investors.